• How do I get started?

  • To start up you must first get an account. Go to our login page on our website and complete the form. Once submitted we will contact you.

  • When can I test the account?

  • Once an account is created you will be notified via email then you can start testing. Our support team will assist you during the procedure and you will get free credits to test!

  • How do I recover my lost password?

  • Go to our login page and follow the instructions for lost passwords. We will assist you and get you back on track!

  • What is the advantage of having an account?

  • All the services we offer are accessible only once you have an account, by which then you can start sending your SMS traffic and have access to all the services offered by mobGATE.


  • Which payment method is supported?

  • Once you have received the invoice you can effect payment by wire transfer to:


    R&D Communication Srl

    Sparkasse Cassa di Risparmio 

    Agenzia S.Martino Buon Albergo Verona

    ABI:06045 CAB: 59790 C/C:000005000474

    IBAN: IT96 K 06045 59790 000005000474


  • When is the invoice sent?

  • For postpaid account invoice is sent by the end of the month and payment must be carried out within 15 days of the following month.

    For prepaid account invoice is sent when the request has been made and payment must be carried out in order to have access to the services.


  • How can I get assistance?

  • For support please contact:

    our office telephone number: +39 0458841199 or email us at:

  • What is the support time frame?

  • Our support guarantees assistance 24/7 during the whole year.

    Our customers requests will be responded without any delay!


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