rdcom.it continues its career on the global market of mobile messaging, joining the RCS (Rich Communication Services) project, the new communications protocol designed by GSMA together with telephone companies and Google, whose Android operating system is the distribution and use platform. Rdcom.it thus becomes the first Italian supplier of services and infrastructure needed by companies to send RCS messages.

RCS represents an important evolution in mobile messaging: it’s Messaging as a Platform (MaaP). Mobile messaging becomes a platform which integrates traditional SMS with cutting-edge features that guarantee interaction, advanced services and true multimedia conversations. All of these developments provide today’s companies with the opportunity of increasing their involvement with their customers, including the use of chatbot and artificial intelligence (AI).

Google implements and supports RCS on all Android devices with the Android message app, thus guaranteeing global diffusion with native integration in its operating system on all Android mobile devices. RCS is an upgrade of SMS on a global scale, which brings the most up-to-date messaging services to over 5 billion users of mobile phones throughout the world, as texts do not need an Internet connection.

On a practical level, RCS offers a series of additional communications and multimedia tools beyond texting functions such as SMS. These include:

- the possibility of branding commercial messages

- rapid response keys, for simple responses without the need to type text

- integration with maps and calendar events

- a host of useful cards and emoticons to speed up conversations

- group chats with photo and audio sharing

- in-call messaging (instant messages and collaboration)

- file transfers, even during a phone call


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