More offers to help you achieve a successful Marketing campaign


Is a smart solution for SMS advertising currently composed of 14 million profiled users. An easy online platform that permits you to select the target, program and monitor your campaigns of SMS Advertising.


Is a self-provisioning platform that permits you to build and mantain an effective and continuos dialogue with your customers via Bulk SMS campaigns. Since SMS is considered the most familiar and efficient means of communication, transactional services, invitations, promotions, discounts, coupons, reminders and many more options enable you to stay in touch with and reach out to your customers. It can easily be integrated to other systems through APIs and you have our full and constant support.


Is the ideal platform to enrich the content of your SMS campaigns with hypertext information and media elements (photos and videos). It autonomously and easily creates landing pages that cater to all the "Call to Actions" which are necessary to have a successful campaign.


Is a telemarketing service that can enforce the efficiency of a promotional activity and offers the opportunity to diversify channels to acquire new clients. We offer you a rich database in which you can select and target an audience based on a socio-demographic level.


Is a technological platform for the email channel. It is not only a web solution to send newsletters and DEMs to your contacts, but also the starting point to create Advertising activities on 10 million profiled users.

"Coming Soon" CHAT APPS

Extend your mobile business communications over the OTT messaging through a unique platform. Send and receive texts, images, videos and much more! In case your messages are not delivered, set up an automatic feedback channel.


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